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I've spent a bit of time upgrading the format of my blog on It's not a tremendously customisable system, and if you've been reading it this month you may have noticed that there was a big gap between the title and the body of the text that was caused by an introduced bug in blogger.

I've also changed the feed, so that now the feed contains the full text instead of the partial text of the entries, which may be useful for those of you wanting to view solely in a reader such as Safari that has a control to show how much of each entry to show. This will make it load a little slower at first, but if you're using the the atom feed then it should realise when the file hasn't changed (with a HEAD) prior to accessing it. The RSS feed is deprecated, and will be removed shortly, since most feeders now support Atom.

I've also modified the main page so that it now shows a list of titles, rather than the full text, which will make it easier to search for titles.

Finally, I've updated the titles with category prefixes so that if you are interested in a particular subject area, you can filter out uninteresting articles. The ones (so far) are [Java], [Eclipse], [Mac], [XML], and [Review]. Ones without a category are likely to be personal or news-related items. I'm probably going to post a few [Rant] too. At some point, I'll put together a script (or a filter) to just filter out by category and publish them as separate feeds.