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How to waste time ...


I came across Hapland recently, and it's a great gamette, somewhat reminiscent of lemmings. The goal is to light the torches enabling the portal ... and that's pretty much all the help that it gives. A number of items in the scene are clickable (hint: click on the lightbulb repeatedly, and click on the right grey = blob on the right hand of the screen, followed by the yellow arrow underneath if you're having difficulty getting started). Depending on what you've done (or haven't done) before hand, a new option will present itself. The trick is finding out what sequence of clicks where is necessary to complete the game.

I completed this game in about an hour; I'm not going to publish the solution since it's such a fun game to find out. If you find yourself stuck beyond belief, them drop me an e-mail to my address to let me know where you've got to for hints...