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Nighty night

2005 Flying

Twas the night before the night before Christmas, and I finally finished my flying. Well, technically, I've only finished the night flying qualification, but since that's all that's needed before I take my mock test and then the real test, it's pretty much all in the bag. I just finished with 2h night flying over Milton Keynes (a pretty sight, except for that frigging annoying laser beam that keeps blinding you as you take off 21) and now I'm verging on getting to the end of my (pre-paid) 45h flying experience.

All being well (and weather permitting) I expect to take my final test sometime towards the start of next year; hopefully before I end up going to EclipseCon 2006 so that I can get a bit of flying in CA whilst I'm there.

If you've never been flying before, and fancy seeing what Milton Keynes looks like from the air (plus, there's less roundabouts up there) then now's the time to start thinking of booking weekends in advance...