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Thanks to the wonders of modern technology (read: my laptop and my phone) I am making good on my New Year's resolution and getting more effective at my time management. Now, instead of going through news both at work and home with separate news readers, I just use Google Reader to peruse the news at my leisure, and it automatically tracks what I've read. I get my fix on Eclipse articles at EclipseZone (where I've been nominated for someone helping out the Eclipse community -- thanks Ed!), and now I can even blog remotely on the train.

It's not all good though; there's several tunnels between Euston and Milton Keynes, and there's several tunnels along the way. At least it's using GPRS, so that I don't pay for the time I'm connected, but rather the amount of data that I send. (Note to self: make blog entries shorter.) The Sony Ericsson P900 that I'm using is also somewhat flaky when it comes to GPRS connections; and for some reason, there's no documentation anywhere that says you have to dial *99# to dial a GPRS connection, once it's set up on the phone. Ah well, you live and learn.

As for the other New Year's resolutions, I'm glad to say that at least the weight is moving in the right direction :-)