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I passed my JAA PPL pilot's exam today!

2006 Flying

After 1 year, 1 week less 1 day since I started flying, I passed my pilot's exam today. It's been challenging, not only due to the fact that Sam arrived half way through, but because I've also had my PhD and a job change in that period as well. Add that to the fact that I had to wait until December in order to get a night rating as well, and although only 45 hours have elapsed since I took to the skies, it's been pretty good going.

I actually did a split test; the navigation leg yesterday, and then circuit handling today. It's normally in a single unit, but because I had 2h10 to use up, I needed to make sure that I got it all out of the way before I finished (and the instructor had other committments yestderay afternoon).

Of course, now that I've got that out of the way I can't afford to fly until we've moved house, but I'll be taking to the skies again come early Summer, and if anyone's passing Milton Keynes who wants to see what it's like from the air, I'll be able to take passengers just as soon as my paperwork comes through. And there's less roundabouts up there, too.

In other news, we've also finished the 1000m of CAT-5 (Ethernet) cable which we bought for our Livingston house. We've just done the network wiring for Bandlem III, so that's another job off the to-do list. Now, if only I could just finish that PhD ...