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Automated builds of plugins and RCP applications -- presentation and source code available

Rcp Conference 2006 Build Eclipse

Given that Feb 17th was the last day for submitting presentations and supporting materials for the EclipseCon conference, I figured that I had better get a move on and upload it. So I've made the presentation and source code for the Automated Builds of Plugins, Features and RCP Applications tutorial.

One of the nice things about EclipseCon is that it's open. Anyone can look at the presentations ahead of time, which gives two main advantages; it allows the people attending the conference to plan up and see the presentations that are going to be best; and in the case of a tutorial, to plan a bit of background so that you know what questions to ask (and what to expect) when you get there. I'm also personally hoping that people will give me feedback now that it's up there so that I can fix the minor annoying typos and inconsistencies that always survive the first draft.

So, if you've got any comments on the presentation, please drop me a line at my GMail or Yahoo address (alex dot blewitt) with the feedback. Thanks for listening!