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Atom 2006

I've knocked up a simple atomFilter.xsl stylesheet that I can use to filter out the categories that I've been manually annotating my entries with. So, you don't have to listen to all my drivel if you're only interested in a certain set (or subset) of topics.

Here's the feeds that I'm currently providing:

For Apple and Macintosh related observations
For Eclipse and SWT related discussions
For all other Java discussions
Thoughts relating to XML (low volume)
Articles and other publications (low volume)
How To
General how-to information (low volume)
Reviews on hardware, software and consumer goods (low volume)
General rants from time to time (low volume)
Bandlem Christmas Letters
Yearly announcement on what the family is up to (not reposted here)
Bandlem Holidays
Photo journal of holidays that we've been on (not reposted here)

I've also realised how horrible the Atom feed is that Blogger generates. I'll be looking to write some cleanup scripts that will fix this problem in the future. In other news, I won't be publishing any more feed or feed entries in RSS, so if you subscribe to an RSS feed, it won't be maintained. I'll leave placeholders for any outstanding RSS feeds that I have to point to the migrated Atom feed as appropriate.

Lastly, this feed is now, so please update your bookmarks. I expect it to continue working via blogspot for some time, but you should change your browsers now since the one will be permanent regardless of which hosting site or blog tool I use in the future.