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RCPNews automated build instructions, new article available

Eclipsecon Conference 2006 Build Eclipse

I’ve finally updated the instructions for the Automated builds of plugins talk at EclipseCon. It presents the exercise notes that I’ll be going through during the tutorial itself; although they’re bound to have some glitches in that I’ll no doubt run into during the tutorial itself. If you want to try any of them out in advance (or aren’t attending the tutorial and want to give it a go anyway) please feel free; I hope that I’ll be able to answer any questions you might have about it.

I’ve also published an article on Eclipse’s use of VMs and classloaders; it describes how bundles and classloaders are related to each other, and how the fact that there’s more than one VM can lead to confusions over system properties, classpaths and other VM-specific settings. It’s available at and hopefully soon to be published at EclipseZone too.

Look me up at EclipseCon if you’re going; I’ll be at Monday’s tutorial 13:30–17:00 and Thursday’s talk on 13:00–13:10.

Update: if you’re using the instructions at, you’ll notice that you get an error when compiling using the releng process. That’s because one file wasn’t tagged with STABLE, and it uses the STABLE to pull the versions from the server. I’ve corrected the problem, but it won’t be available on the anonymous download until the SourceForge CVS servers sync themselves (which is anywhere up to a day). In the meantime, if you run with -DcvsVersion=HEAD, then it will download the HEAD version which works … apologies :-/