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3.2RC3 direct download links

2006 Eclipse
 WindowsLinuxMac OS X
Eclipse 3.1.2SDK-3.1.2-win32.zipSDK-3.1.2-linux.tgzSDK-3.1.2-macosx.tgz
Eclipse 3.2RC3eclipse-SDK-3.2RC3-win32.zipSDK-3.2RC3-linux-gtk.tgzSDK-3.2RC3-macosx.tgz

These downloads will redirect you to a mirror; if the download doesn't work (because, for example, the mirror doesn't host the file you want) then you'll be able to do a 'refresh' to try a different mirror.

If you think these links should be generated by the default download page, please add your comments to bug 138783. Failing that, watch this space ...