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Eclipse on Macintel - minor glitch?

2006 Eclipse Mac

Update: it looks like it has been fixed with the QuickTime 7.1.1 update. You might want to install that before running Eclipse 3.2 on an Intel Mac.

For those of you lucky enough to have purchased an Intel Mac, you might want to take heed of bug 142892. Apparently, a number of people are reporting issues when using an intel mac with the later 3.2RC builds, Java 5 update 4, where opening the Java project may cause the system to freeze. Thereafter, it appears that even a reinstall of the OS doesn't solve the problem, so there may be some kind of hardware/driver issue at fault. Separately, Apple has released QuickTime 7.1.1, which has fixes for some startup items on Intel Macs. It's somewhat unlikely that the two are related, but needless to say it's causing some headaches for the Eclipse team as well as those Mac members who now can't run Eclipse.

(And yes, Roman Strobl, I'm sure NetBeans would still work on those Macs if you want to try the hard sell.)

Update: yes, it did seem that the QuickTime update fixed a number of people's problems. Sorry Roman ...