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Live At the Google Test Conference

2006 Test

The Google Test Conference is about to start, and we've taken over their canteen for two days. (I guess the local Googlers will have to find somewhere else to eat :-) The presentations are being video'd, and when they're up on GoogleVideo we'll get a URL sent around, which I'll try and post here later for those that can't make it. It looks like it's going to be a good conference; the agenda is investigating distributed testing, testing with contracts -- there's even a talk on using FitNesse and mobile handsets.

The setup is very google; there's a pool table and a decent array of coffee and croissants. And I even met someone who read this blog (Hi, Harry!) and recognised me by my tie ... Plus, there's an array of people using Mac laptops here (including some of the presenters), even if some of them are running Windows on it.

I'll put up information on here as it comes up, but one thing that seems to be slightly lacking at the moment is power points; so I'll add information up peridocially.

Let the testing begin ...