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A real hedgehog

2006 Phd

We discovered a hedgehog in our back garden last night (or more precisely, the dogs discovered it), curled up into a ball reminiscent of a shoe brush. They were more curious than anything else, so spent a brief amount of time sniffing it before we herded them away.

We're not quite sure how it turned up in the garden -- it's possible that it could have been camped out in the long grass (we've only just cut it) or it might have wandered in under our back gate, but seeing as a garden with dogs is probably not the best place for a passing hedgehog, we transported it gently to the park opposite and released it into some bushes.

I'd have taken a photo, but it was late at night and the flash would have scared it further, so I decided against it. It makes a change from worrying about Hedgehog (my PhD thesis) to worry about a real hedgehog :-)