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Mobile Testing System

2006 Test

Robert Binder of MVerify talked about the Mobile Tester System (aka MTS), which is a model testing for mobile platforms (such as Windows Mobile and WebServices). The idea is that by generating test objects from models, and generating models from the interface under test, you can do testing in a way that is both platform and channel agnostic, as well as having logical and physical separation.

The observation from this conference is that testing mobile devices is hard; not only are there different operating systems on mobile devices (Windows Mobile, Pocket PC, Symbian etc.), but there are different operators, different airlink technologies (UTMS, 3G, CMDA) as well as many different hardware devices.

MTS supports different devices through a means of adapters; so adding other devices are achieved by creating new adapters for the system. The test object framework allows tests to be written that just communicate via the adapters, so they are not dependent on the structure of the device itself. Furthermore, each test has the ability to define pre-conditions and post-conditions for the test to automate checking conditions, as well as allowing arbitrary expressions in TCL (or incr Tcl, an object-oriented extension) to be asserted.

Data for the system can come from hard-coded sources, or from execution functions/programs, or acquired through other implementors of the data provider interfaces. Tests can also be composed from other tests, which allows arbitrary combinations of tests. However, this can make it difficult to find out when executing a test how long the individual test will take.

You can read more about MTS at the MTS page. The video is now available.