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Thanks to everyone who's mailed me already; for those that don't know, I have been asked to become the editor of EclipseZone, although that announcement came out a few days after my first newsletter did. It's likely to mean that the volume of Eclipse-related posts on my personal blog will reduce and instead be replaced with posts at the EclipseZone Front Page (feed), or one of the other forums such as the Tips and Tricks (feed) instead. I think that the Tips and Tricks is syndicated on PlanetEclipse, although I don't believe the front page is (anyone else know why? Perhaps we can add it ...)

Of course, my own personal blog is still up and running ( about other bits'n'bobs not necessarily related to Eclipse, which will still see (ir)regular postings. I've only syndicated the Eclipse-related posts (such as this one) to aggregators such as PlanetEclipse; so since these are (temporarily?) moving off the PlanetEclipse radar, it's not that I'm not posting any more, just that it's moved on to a different place.