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Eclipsecon Conference 2006 Phd Pack200

Many people said it would never happen. Most people had probably forgotten all about it. But today, I graduated from Edinburgh University with my PhD "Hedgehog: Automatic Verification of Design Patterns in Java". I think, cumulative time, I've probably spent longer on this than all of the other academic qualifications I've worked towards put together, since I started it in 1998. Of course, once I knew that it had been accepted really the only trick was staying alive between then and now, and I seem to have done that with flying colours.

So, where is my interest going to lead me next? Well, I'm obviously spending a lot of time as the editor of EclipseZone and I'm still working towards the Pack200 implementation for harmony (incidentally, I've proposed a talk to EclipseCon discussing Pack200 and how it works for those that are interested.

I still think there's a better programming language for parallelism out there, and what little investigative time I have left over is probably going to be spent looking into things like Erlang, Scala and Flapjax, possibly with the view to creating my own language (something I've always been interested in doing). Alas, with Sam growing up and many other things on my plate, I doubt that there's going to be much time for that in the future, but here's hoping :-)