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Block * from AdWords/AdBlock


It turns out my blog is wider read than I thought it was. As well as being syndicated on sites like Planet Eclipse, it turns out that various * sites are copying my content word-for-word (as a quick Google Search for "alblue" will show; for obvious reasons, I'm not hyper-linking it here). Granted, they do say at the bottom "Content from AlBlue's weblog" but that's hardly the point ...

It seems that they're not just nicking content from here, but also random other posts and blogs, too. In fact, the whole collection of blog entries just seems to be culled from around the blogosphere without doing anything other than having an AdWords section at the top. I really doubt whether anyone goes to that site; my guess is that they're just doing it to provide some content so that the Google AdWords programme has some meat to go through, and that they're generating a bunch of fraudulent clicks to gain revenue from unsuspecting advertisers. It sounds pretty much like Wil Shipley's view on advertising Delicious Monster, and his Google AdWords experience.

I've followed up this entry with both the Google Spam report and mentioned it to a couple of people at Google too, so the issue has been raised. However, if you're advertising on Google AdWords, you should certainly consider blocking this site -- there's unlikely to be anyone (real) reading it, so if you're coughing up AdWord dough to these sites, think again.