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No power? No way! No, really.

Eclipsecon Conference Eclipse 2007

Yup, that's right -- for those of you reading through the welcoming letter for EclipseCon, it seems that there's going to be no power sockets available during the sessions (unlike last year, where if you were savvy you walked down the aisle until you saw a power cable, then walked along the row to find out where the power bar was). I guess that from a logistical perspective (cost of setting them up) as well as a health and saftey perspective (does there exist an equivalent Health and Saftey executive in America, or is there just a plethora of lawyers? Mind you, we've also got the quaint Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents who offer such helpful advice as not to photocopy parts of your anatomy at Christmas parties ... but I digress)

Anyway, back to the power trip. Whilst there are recharging stations on the ground floor (=1st in American) and on the first floor (=2nd in American) I wonder whether there will be a rush to get there. Last time, other than the sessions, there were a few highly coveted power sockets at the top of the esclators (pretty much where the upper lobby recharging station is) that people were fighting over. I suspect some people attended a talk that they otherwise wouldn't just because they knew they could get a charge up :-)

One of the other things about last year was the (semi-) real-time blogging that was happening. Partially, that worked because there were places to keep the juice flowing; but most laptops these days, especially with wireless enabled and a few years use under them, are unlikely to last much more than a couple of hours on a single stint, and then take somewhere over half an hour to get back up to full speed. However, there's not that much time in between sessions, so you can essentially kiss the notion of full blog coverage goodbye. I'll probably be taking notes (maybe even going back to something as tried-and-tested as a notepad and pen) and then filing a report here and/or at EclipseZone either over lunch or even just once per day.

Ed Burnette did a great job of blogging about various events during EclipseCon; and in his place, I provided a transcript of an RCP session that he was compering, including the classic line "Audience: Can you repeat the questions? Ed: So, the question was, Can you repeat the questions?". That wouldn't have been practical if there'd been no power to keep it going throughout the panel.

In addition, there were other events, such as best practices in OSGi that preceeded the availability of the presentation file. Again, that wasn't being taken down for my benefit particularly, but rather the other people at EclipseCon who were in other tracks or who couldn't make it.

I suspect that the volume of blogging is going to be less this year as a result (well, that and the fact that Ed can't make it this year). There's simply not enough time in the schedule to allow laptops to get a full kick of juice in between the sessions, so something's got to give. One trick I've found from previous conferences is that if you happen to have a multi-adapter power strip with you, you can pretty much butt in on anyone's power connection wherever they are.

Anyway, I'm planning on posting at least one item per day with a summary of what's going on, but depending on how it works out, probably won't be as much as last year.