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Eclipse 2007

OK, I get it. You're sick of hearing me complain about the process. That's OK, I'm sick of making the point as well.

So henceforth, I will view as a tool for committers to plan their workloads, and not in fact a bug tracking system as used by all other open-source projects. Frankly, it doesn't even follow the help page on which clearly identifies the UNCONFIRMED | NEW | ASSIGNED | REOPENED as:

No resolution yet. All bugs which are in one of these "open" states have the resolution set to blank. All other bugs will be marked with one of the following resolutions.

and indeed mentions the resolved states of RESOLVED | VERIFIED | CLOSED but without mentioning the LATER | REMIND | NEVER states.

I don't want to tar all projects with the same brush: it's really JDT (with 3728) and Platform (with 2697) that use these hidden states, as this report clearly shows. I would strongly urge the other projects with only a handful of such hidden bugs to create a new milestone called LATER, and then move the bugs back into the NEW state with a milestone of LATER.

Until then, I'm going to concentrate on doing work that will be appreciated, like finishing off the Pack200 code for Harmony. I've done as much as I can to make Eclipse a better place; it's a shame it's had no effect.

Update: Denis has posted a vote on whether Eclipse should get rid of REMIND | LATER in but 178923 – and in there, highlights that they're relics from an older version of Bugzilla (which have since been removed for new installs since they're considered harmful). That probably explains why they're not on the help page, because no-one is expected to be using these terms in the 2.22 stream any more.