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Differences with this year's EclipseCon

Eclipsecon Conference Eclipse 2007

Although it's only just begun, there's a few differences with this year's EclipseCon which will be subtly different from last year. Some of the changes are beneficial; some aren't. Here's what I think will be the conclusion towards the end of the conference.

  • Printed posters with times: finding out where you need to be next was always a big challenge. This year, there are helpful posters with the summary of what's on, when. Definitely a good idea, but one can easily imagine huddled masses standing outside the few places they are on display.
  • Lack of power supplies in rooms: ostensibly a cost-saving measure, I think that what is going to happen is less blogging from the spot. I wonder how popular it was in the short tutorials -- some laptops (particularly with aging batteries) aren't going to last that long.
  • Larger memory stick with ability to sync presentations: a really good idea, and presentations can be updated by presenters and then the new versions copied onto the keyrings.
  • Running short talks all through the conference: instead of having a dedicated slot for short presentations, the short presentations are in fact running all through the conference. I suspect this means minimal attendance for the short talks; after all, with one (or even two) short talks that you're interested in versus a 50 minute talk, which would you pick?

Time will tell ... at the end of the conference, I'll post my thoughts about how well they went, including the attendance of my short talk.