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Eclipse 3.3M6 available; no more direct download links

Eclipse 2007

As Chris noted, 3.3M6 is out. I've given up providing direct download links; it has been deemed that people must read through the click-throughs so who am I to subvert the process? It's not like I want to resort to extortion* to get them fixed :-)

Anyway, after a year of posting these direct download links, and realising that it's never going to get fixed, I figured I'd just let you download the files yourself. For me, I've solved the problem by bookmarking my favourite mirror and thus I can download the file without having to navigate the pages.

In any case, both NetBeans and IntelliJ IDEA use a META-EQUIV HTTP-REFRESH to start downloading a file automatically, which is hardly good practice either. It's worth noting that it takes 3 clicks to get from Eclipse's homepage to have the bits downloading, whereas in NetBeans and IntelliJ's case, it only takes 2 clicks. Not only that, but at least with the NB/IJ links that say "If the download doesn't start happening automatically, click here" is a link that points to the actual file, and thus can be saved directly (or used for wget or curl). Try that with an eclipse download (such as this one) and all you get back is an HTML file, either containing click-throughs (which you must read) or a HTML redirection using either JavaScript or META-EQUIV.

Compare this with the URL for IntelliJ IDEA 6.0.4 or NetBeans and you can use those with either a web browser or wget/curl.

Mind you, what's with IntelliJ's download page forcing you to state OS and having JavaScript enabled? What is this, Web 1.9beta? Both NetBeans and Eclipse figure out the OS (it's not like the browser doesn't tell you). Sadly, I think this means that NetBeans has the best download page out of the three.

Note: The whole extortion thing was just a slip, and we're both over it. It's amazing what a beer at EclipseCon can fix :-)