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I've had enough; I'm switching to Windows


The recent problems with Mac OS X server broke the final straw. I've been advocating Macs for some time, but I've had problems before with AFP and NFS, not to mention all of the spotlight stuff that gets hidden where it doesn't get backed up. And you can't even get a decent for Mac; but there's a bunch of other things I hate about Mac, including (but not limited to) turding .DS_Store files across any USB key that I insert.

Of course, the main reason for buying a Mac is that they're cool hardware; roughly the same reason why we bought a few dysons in our time (yes, including the Dyson CR01 washing machine). And now that the Macs run on Intel, and that Vista has been released, I can transition sideways from OS X to Vista without loosing any of the cool GUI effects that I've been used to over the years.

So now that Vista works with iPods and that bootcamp 1.2 beta adds Vista support, and I've got my first first Macintel box, I'm off to the other side.