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Yahoo! Mail! Is! Crap!

Rant 2007 Crap

I don't know why Yahoo! Mail! seems to think that I've got an unsupported browser, because it's been supported ever since I started using a Mac. Yet, when I go to Yahoo! Mail! it gives me a Fuck! Off! message saying that I no longer have a supported browser.

Have I changed my habits? Have I installed a new browser? Have I been hoodwinked into downloading SpamExpress2000? No.

Instead, their new 'Yahoo! Mail! Beta!' program has decided that Alpha is the new Beta, and that everyone has the sudden desire to use their new system. And this, despite the fact that I tried the new system a month or two ago and it told me to Fuck! Off! because I wasn't using a browser that they had heard of. (Hint; five years time, IE is going to be a distant headache and everone will be using Safari. Of course, by then, we'll have sworn of Yahoo! Mail! just as much as no-one uses hotmail/AOL except the terminally insane.)

Moral of this story: don't send me mail at Yahoo! Mail! Any! More! because It!s Crap! and I don't care. If you need me, send me a mail to my Gmail address.