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P990i -- still crap, and getting crapper all the time

P990 2007 Crap

Oh, the joy. I've just read that Sony Ericsson has officially given up on the P990i. Well, the feeling is mutual. I'm in the wrong country for an iPhone at the moment, but there will come a time later in the year when I will be able to get one (and hopefully a V2 phone with the kinks taken out). No, I'm not going to cough up a thousand dollars to get one on eBay, though I expect there will be a market for same in the immediate future.

One of the more recent problems with the Sony; the LCD, like all screens, has a limited life. The more you use it, the shorter the remaining life gets. Therefore, when your phone is off and plugged into a charger, would you expect:

  • The small LED to indicate that the battery is charging

  • The entire screen to be lit up to maximum intensity white just so you can see an animated battery

Yup, that's right; even when it's off, it's on. I guess I've never noticed it because it's been downstairs, or my phone has been on (yes; when you're phone is on and charging, it doesn't light up; it only lights up when it's off. Obviously).

Frankly, I'm never going to buy a Sony Ericcson Pos990 or any other of the POS series again. Nokia have some interesting models coming out, but it's Apple all the way from here.