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P990 slightly less crap now

P990 2007 Crap

I had a brainwave whilst waiting for the train at the platform today (as one does) and figured out how to workaround one of the “features” of the phone; that of predictive text input and short words. For example, if you've got a word defined that happens to share the same two numbers as a two letter word, then it will pop up a whole collection of words (including your defined one) ahead of the 2 letter variant. That makes the predictive text fine for writing long words, but not so good when you're writing something with a bunch of short words (like at, to, of, as etc.).

So it suddenly hit me; put these short words in my dictionary sa well. I mean, it's not like I'm ever going to forget how to spell 'as', but since it's in my dictionary, it now pops up ahead of all the other suggestions including the longer variants that are seldom used. So now, I get the words that I want appearing in the right order.

I'm sharing this tip so that others who are stuck with this phone can workaround a problem that's bugged me for years. The only thing I don't get is how come it took me a year to figure it out ...

Of course, I'm still replacing it with an iPhone when it comes out in the UK. I am an Apple fanboy, after all.