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Eclipse 3.3.1

Eclipse Mac 2007

Looks like Eclipse 3.3.1½ is just around the corner; owing to the issues with the PermGen space bug I discussed earlier. Although the fix is relatively trivial, it's not something that most users would know how to do, and in order to keep everyone from providers to packagers in the same state, a new build will (probably) be released shortly encompassing the fix for the launcher-specific code.

What's not clear is whether it will actually fix the issue on Macs, since the launcher is known not to work there. I also doubt that the Mac OS X issue is going to be solved; in fact, I'm going to have to ressurect Maclipse because the packaging for Mac is still abysmal.

The interesting question is what it's going to be called. As most people know, OSGi supports three numeric qualifiers and a textual one; so isn't going to cut it. I don't know why 3.3.2 isn't rolled out; that would be a good name and even though there were little changes, it would be the 'safe' option. My suspicion is that what will happen is that it will be a 3.3.1.somethingorother (if the versioning numbering is followed, since it's not a major or minor change). However, you don't know if you've got 3.3.1-broken or 3.3.1-fixed, so it might make sense to change the minor level; and in any case, it is externally visible (Eclipse crashes if you have 3.3.1) so arguably that's the sensible plan.

But who knows what the version will be ... anyone for fractions?