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Apple Store MK open!

Mac 2008

The Apple Store in Milton Keynes has just opened. There's about 500 people so far and the queue is snaking through the centre. Just before it opened, the Apple employees (around 30) jogged past the line, cheering and giving high fives. Good free advertising too - people keep asking what the line is for ...

Update: The queue has grown and there's still t-shirts being given away. I'd say we've hit the 1000 mark in the queue now, and people are still queuing.

The store is on two floors with a glass staircase at back which doubles back on itself to go upstairs. There's also a very nice lift at the back-left of the store, although it's hidden away and unless you know about it, you wouldn't find it. Very Apple-esque with a big logo on the front. Upstairs there's a Genius bar and software and iPhone accessories; downstairs is mostly iMacs, iPhones, iPods and MacBooks. The MacBookAir does look very nice...

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