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ZFS on Mac

Howto Zfs Mac 2008

It's taken me a while to get around to it, but recently I've been playing with ZFS on the Mac. I discovered my previous issue was due to the outdated version that I'd installed.

So, to make amends, I've packaged up the 102 A version binaries into a nicer Installer package that puts the binaries into the right place, sets the ownership appropriately and then nudges you to restart the system. It might also be useful for those if you're installing on several computers (e.g. via ARD) to be able to install on many machines.

The binaries are the same as on the ZFS downloads page, though you should probably not take my word for it and do an MD5 on the checksums:

  • /System/Extensions/zfs.kext/Contents/Info.plist 8576e4411d8d7b7d3f5f96af2790a9f9
  • /System/Extensions/zfs.kext/Contents/MacOS/zfs 4e7a07febe62f6d608deb5ad24461f0f
  • /System/Extensions/zfs.readonly.kext/Contents/Info.plist c502dfed75e2c05d7c2e87716caa4a52
  • /System/Extensions/zfs.readonly.kext/Contents/MacOS/zfs.readonly 638f40c512f5ae36af3d7fb23b32ee98
  • /System/Filesystems/zfs.fs/Contents/Info.plist 8372d902d70e17e8a7ad15a4b28df826
  • /System/Filesystems/zfs.fs/Contents/PkgInfo 6b29039b7cfdb53cc681d999d35ba2f0
  • /System/Filesystems/zfs.fs/Contents/Resources/English.lproj/InfoPlist.strings f2861b7c6f1ed3f20176b895296f0b47
  • /System/Filesystems/zfs.fs/Contents/Resources/VolumeIcon.icns c93c25b53d45d5c6fa700de9cf0a19d6
  • /System/Filesystems/zfs.fs/zfs.util c46e790ca50b71a4e4bda700ae6737c2
  • /usr/lib/libzfs.dylib 66e5703fcf58d55fbbb708c42caecc89
  • /usr/sbin/zfs d068d3d12df63e7c32caf360363aea5e
  • /usr/sbin/zoink 04c2c5bd92bdc5a26ce00e69435156d8
  • /usr/sbin/zpool 375e2f60f6e9fd43abf6c943f9b3db49

Next up ... how to create a trial ZFS file system on the Mac.