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Burton group finds OSGi usage increasing

Eclipse Jsr277 Osgi 2008

According to a recent OSGi survey done by the Burton Group, 4/5 of the respondents are planning on developing OSGi-based systems in the next 6-12 months, with 1/2 of them currently developing such solutions. Interestingly, the biggest issue does not appear to be finding OSGi-ised bundles of open-source projects (perhaps that's due to more open-source projects being shipped as OSGi bundles already, or perhaps via the SpringSource Bundle Repository); but rather access to information about how to develop OSGi-based solutions effectively. Seems like a good time for an OSGi book ...

The results conclude that if the application server supported OSGi bundles directly, then almost 9/10 of respondents would consider developing bundles directly to run in such a server, and tools such as Infiniflow and SpringSource Application Platform are well set for the future.

The question is, where does this leave JSR277? Is it already too late for this me-too implementation?