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Russian Roulette - App Store Rejection policy

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Is it me, or is getting an application into the App Store nothing more than a random Russian roulette? There’s certainly a back-end auto-rejection mechanism which is applied through point-n-click rather than any specific policy. And once you’re on the rejection train, then there’s nothing that seems to get you back on track. Indeed, there’s no appeal – any mails that you send back attempting to get clarification are met with a stony silence. All you can do is resubmit, wait a week, and then get a cloned mail rejection a week later.

Here’s the app I’m working on. It allows you to discover hosts on your local network through a GUI, then add them to your favourites so that you can wake them up when they go to sleep. OK, it’s not the first wake-on-lan app in the store, but it does auto-detect what the machines are and give you nice little images showing you whether they’re awake or not. However, Apple don’t like this because of use of “Apple logo or Apple copyright images”. Which is largely bunk, because they’re images I took myself; ergo, I own the copyright to them. The first version we submitted did have a top-view of the Mac Mini, which includes a blobbed version of the Apple logo, so we scrubbed it and re-sent it to have it rejected for exactly the same reason.

So Apple is essentially claiming that we’re using the logo (we’re not, we removed it from the images, although the screenshot at the top does show an older version with it on the mini) or Apple graphics (we’re not, we used our own photos). It’s really unclear as to what they think is still wrong – but the auto-rejection notice contains no level of detail that can be used to substantiate what the problem is, nor how to fix it. I feel the submission policy is a bit like the blind man solving a rubik’s cube (from the great Weird Al film UHF):


So, back to the drawing board. Try again, submit again, wait for rejection letter, rinse and repeat.