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HowTo disable Flash on your browser

2009 Howto Security Mac

Thanks to the security issue with Adobe Flash/Reader/Acrobat, you should disable Flash and uninstall Reader as soon as possible to prevent your computer potentially being turned into a zombie.

Safari Safari Menu, ensure 'Right-click Flash' is selected. You may need to install SafariBlock if you don't have this option already. Mac PDFs use Preview, which doesn't use the Adobe VM engine (or support RichMedia) so browsing PDFs on Mac with Preview should be safe.

Firefox - Tools, Add-Ons, click on 'Disable' next to 'Shockwave Flash'

Internet Explorer - Go to and download a real browser

For the specific vulnerability, you should consider explicitly removing files authplay and rt3d from any Adobe products. These will be called:

authplay.dll AuthPlayLib.bundle
rt3d.dll Adobe3D.framework

Adobe Flash and Reader should be considered tainted products until a fix is released, but removing mechanisms to invoke Flash and PDF documents automatically is an absolute essential task.