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Millions of people hate this feature

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Millions of people hate this feature

It seems that a new feature was added to Google Reader recently that sticks a smiley face and tells you how many people you don’t care about liked an item. I’m sorry, but I really don’t care how many people liked something, and nor do I tell people what I thought of items – I just subscribe to news feeds for things that I like. Unfortunately, the people behind Google Reader don’t appear to think that way (much like when the much-hated ‘share with your friends’ feature was added) and instead shove these things down our throats.

Well, it’s a free service, and I get what I pay for. But I’m not going to continue to use Google Reader until they get rid of it.

Note: the CSS class is ‘entry-likers’ – if you have something like GreaseMonkey installed, you can add the below:

css Removing 'likes' from Google Reader .entry-likers { display:none;}