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ObjectivEClipse (briefly) reappears

2010 Eclipse Objectivec Mac

I was informed last night that Sony have a new Objective-C based development platform on Linux that uses CDT and ObjectivEClipse. Looking at the developer programme guide, it seems that the same names and similar versions are used (org.eclipse.cdt.objc.core and org.eclipse.cdt.objc.ui, both at 0.21 when the last public release was 0.20). The icon is also one I put together and includes the non-capitalised “project” (all other Eclipse projects use Project).

However, I've not been able to verify this, since when you go to you're presented with a message “SNAP development is currently on hold”. Ooops. Perhaps they read Doug's tweet suggesting that they read the “no longer active development” flag on ObjectivEClipse's project page.

You can find more information about it by searching Google's caches, for example, will tell you what the front page used to tell you yesterday; but since going viral, the project has been put on hold. Maybe it was announced too early; maybe someone wanted to downplay the GNU associations. Still, you can see the effort put into documentation for Sony SNAP as well.

Either way, I'm thrilled that there is increasing interest in Objective-C generally, and specifically on the Eclipse platform. Whilst ObjectivEClipse failed to take off on its own as an external project, the hope lies eternal that one day, maybe we can make Objective-C a fully supported language directly inside CDT itself.