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Comic Relief 1993

Comicrelief Pue Ibm 1993

In 1993, whilst a student employee at IBM, we filmed a stunt for Comic Relief in a pretend kidnapping of Nick Temple, then the MD of IBM UK. He was an incredibly good sport (we actually managed to rip his jacket at one point, if I recall correctly). I played the part – what else – of one of the heavies. Most of the other young faces in the meeting room and auditorium were other students at the time.

Sadly, the video never aired on national television as it was deemed too realistic (seriously!) at the time. Now, thanks to the work of wDGS13 it has been digitised and put on line; and of course, thanks to WDGS25 who organised and procured and drove the getaway car. (They didn't use the shot of the car driving away with me hanging out of the door, for some reason ...) Enjoy – WDGS01.