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EclipseCon Wedensday

Eclipsecon Conference 2011 Eclipse

Wednesday's EclipseCon programme starts with The Java Renaissance will give some interesting clarity as to the newly revamped OpenJDK project. What's interesting about this is not so much the content (though I'm sure that will be good nonetheless) but rather the fact that instead of being a Sun-only (or Oracle-only) talk, this is being co-presented by both Oracle (Mark Reinhold) and IBM(John Duimovich). With Apache Harmony's PMC resigning the view has been on the OpenJDK and what form the rebooted JCP will take. I'm sure whatever the talk contains there will be interesting information about this relationship.

Paul Webster has a couple of talks on Commands in Eclipse 3.x and Commands in Eclipse 4, which should be interesting. The Eclipse command and actions frameworks seems to change over time, so it's always good to find out which one you should be following.

If you've not looked into Virgo before, then Virgo and RT should be an interesting look at how you can build server-side runtimes on top of Virgo (and importantly, what the difference is between that and a vanilla OSGi runtime).

With the advent of web-based editors (such as Orion and E4) being able to debug JavaScript is an important part of that process. The JavaScript Debugged session will give a good idea about what's possible for JavaScript-based apps (which is mainly on the client side, unless you're looking at Node.JS, that is). Speaking of E4, John Arthorne is giving a talk on a busy year for the Eclipse platform on how E4 is going and what's been happening. There's also a What's new in SWT 3.7, which includes some cool new features for OSX toolbar manipulation amongst others, given by Scott Kovatch, who has been a long time OSX developer.

If you already know about SWT then take a look at both Libra and Karaf sessions, which look at other ways of building and running applications on an OSGi runtime.

Finally, the afternoon finishes with a number of tutorials: Apache ACE, which is about deployment across the cloud; GWT from start to finish on how to build a GWT application; scout apps in 2h on the ; OSGi enabled Java EE applications on how to take advantage of the Java apps and OSGi EEG work and Styling E4 with CSS. The only problem seems to be to have too much choice... And don't forget looking at the BoFs – the sign-up borad is in the board in the Hyatt mezzanine.