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QCon London starts today!

2011 Infoq Qcon

I'm at QCon London, where the conference is just about to kick off for what is going to be a packed three days worth of material. The iPhone app seems improved over last year, in that now it tells you where the presentations are at the bottom (except for the ones in the main hall, for some reason) and you can mark individual presentations as favourites.

I can highly recommend Mike Lee's (@bmf) “Making Apps that Don't Suck” presentation later today; having been to some of his presentations in the past, you know it will be good. I'd also like to specifically call out Graham Lee's (@iamleeg) Mobile App Privacy talk, which looks at mobile applications in an always-on world.

Finally, if you've been to an EclipseCon presentation in the last few years, you'll know that NASA uses an Eclipse platform client to remotely schedule the Mars rovers. Tonight we get to see a glimpse of some of those technologies in Mark Powell's “Innovations and Integrations” talk.

So, if you're at QCon London, stop me and say hi!