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Speaking at OSGi Community Event

2011 Eclipse Osgi

I'll be giving a keynote at the OSGi Community Event in Darmstadt, Germany next week, entitled OSGi: Past, Present and Future. In the talk, I'll do a retrospective on how we got where we are today, a view of what is happening in today's modular environment, and a peer into the future of the kind of challenges that OSGi will face in the future.

The full agenda is available, which brings many from the OSGi community together to look at upcoming specifications, such as subsystems, presence in the cloud and even modular EJBs. There's also a lot of information on tools, such as BndTools, The BundleMaker and Eclipse Virgo – as well as best practices such as μServices and OSGi anti-patterns. There are too many to mention individually, so I encourage you to view the full agenda for more details.

The OSGi Community Event is 20th and 21st September (i.e., next week) and electronic registration is open until Friday. Hope to see you there!