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Ten Years of Eclipse

2011 Eclipse

I have written up the last Ten Years of Eclipse at InfoQ, including a bit about the pre-history of where Eclipse came from. I was lucky enough to work with both Visual Age for Java (which was written in Smalltalk), the Visual Age Micro edition (which was written in Java, and the forerunner of WebSphere Studio), the WebSphere Studio product itself and ultimately on through Eclipse 1.0's release to the outside world.

Other than my WebSphere roots, it wasn't until late in the development of the Eclipse 2.1 release that I got involved doing testing for the then-upcoming Mac OSX release of Eclipse. Since then, I've been regularly blogging about Eclipse, occasionally going to the EclipseCon conferences (not for a while, sadly) and even writing on EclipseZone and InfoQ about Eclipse and OSGi topics.

Still, it's not often to say you were part of a decade-long process, even if it is one at the periphery. Here's to the next ten years, and Happy Tenth Birthday, Eclipse!