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Migrating to self-hosted Octopress


This blog has moved off of its long-time home at Blogger onto a new, self-hosted Octopress solution. Feeds and URLs remain the same at, but feeds will be regenerated and this is likely to cause the post’s ID to change.

As a result, you may notice up to 5 of my old posts being redisplayed (originally posted in 2011). If so, you have my apologies in advance.

Blogger was the home of this blog for a long time, before Google got their googley tentacles all over it, back when it was called

. Custom domain names followed, and it turned into the current The blog’s URL will remain the same, and the main feed remains /atom.xml.

If you have feeds beginning with either or then these feeds should continue to work after the transition. However, if you are using an older

address, or a third-party service like Feedburner which may be pointing there, it may go to the wrong place.

After the migration, I’ll post a few reminders on the old blog location (so that if you are subscribed to the wrong place they will show up) before finally shutting this down by valentine’s day (14th Feb). After all, I 💔 Google, so it seems appropriate.

Here is a list of the new feeds for my blog. Instead of having to listen to everything I have to say, perhaps you’re more a fan of specific categories, such as Eclipse or OSGi focussed topics; or maybe even Git or Mac. I categorise each post and (other than administrative announcements such as this) ensure that appropriately delivered content is put in each bucket. In addition, every Tag page has its own feed, so if you want to just listen to a chosen subset, you can.

New post and feed URLs for
Description Posts (HTML) Feed
Everything I write / /atom.xml
Eclipse specific posts /Tag/eclipse/ /Tag/eclipse/atom.xml
Mac and Apple/iPhone related posts /Tag/mac/ /Tag/mac/atom.xml
Git posts /Tag/git/ /Tag/git/atom.xml
Java posts /Tag/java/ /Tag/java/atom.xml
OSGi and modular Java related posts /Tag/osgi/ /Tag/osgi/atom.xml

In the next post, I’ll explain a little behind the why and the how of the transition process.