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EclipseCon 2012 Day 2

2012 Eclipsecon Conference Eclipse

The second main day of EclispeCon kicks off with a look at the plug-and-play car of the future, which is a joint platform called OpenXC between Ford Motor Company and Bug Labs.

Today’s OSGi sessions include Enterprise OSGi best practices, Enterprise OSGi for Earthlings, and OSGi in the Cloud. Later on in the day, there’s a presentation on the Apache Felix Web Console, which is used in the Apache Karaf project. The final one is Equinox and Vaadin. For those that don’t know, Vaadin is a UI framework – there’s a set of demos available if you want to see more.

Sadly, the How GitHub Works talk has been cancelled. I was fortunate to attend Zach’s talk at QConLondon, and I wrote up some notes on my blog at the time.

There are a couple of Orion related presentations today; if you haven’t seen Orion, then you can find out more at the Orion project page, which includes a demo project you can use to edit the content. There’s an OrionHub which you can create an account via the getting started page. The LAnguage Tooling in Orion presentation will look at the state of language development, with a focus on the JavaScript tools. Later on, there’s a talk about developing cloud apps with Orion.

For those who still haven’t made the leap to Git yet (and are one of the 48% not using Git yet) then the Lets Git The Party Started should be a good introduction to how to use Git effectively within Eclipse. You may also like to read my Git for Eclipse users piece, which subsequently got folded into the official EGit documentation, as well as my (now finished) Git Tip of the Week series. There’s also a talk on Gerrit under the ‘Harnessing Peer Code Reviews’ title. a

Finally, there’s a great intro to Xcore, described by (EclipseCon lifetime award winner) Ed Merks as “Ecore meets Xtext”, as well as Building GUIs with WindowBuilder. Eric Clayberg has been working on WindowBuilder since before its acquisition by Google, and has recently become open sourced after having been contributed to Eclipse.

Don’t forget the BoFs tonight, as well as GitHub’s sponsored showcase and reception.