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EclipseCon 2013 Interviews

2013 Eclipsecon Eclipse Interview Infoq

Whilst I was at EclipseCon 2013, I managed to catch up with a number of people and arrange video interviews for InfoQ, whom I write for. This is one of the main reasons why I didn’t get to attend any presentations of significance on the Day 2 (and why the previous posts only looked at Day 0 and Day 1). It turns out video interviewing is an expensive business – at least, in terms of time preparing, organising, and then ultimately recording – which meant I really didn’t have time to do anything else.

I did manage to write up some general thoughts on EclipseCon 2013 for InfoQ which you can read at the “EclipseCon 2013 Roundup” post I wrote shortly afterwards. EclipseCon France has just finished, and there’s an EclipseCon Europe in October. Next year we’ll see EclipseCon 2014 back in its home state of California, although in Burlingame rather than in the previous Santa Clara.

Anyway, the interviews that were recorded have been published on InfoQ over the last couple of months, and so for those that haven’t seen them yet (I’ve been tweeting about them from @alblue) here’s a list of the ones that were recorded:

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of the interviewees, who took time out of a very busy EclipseCon schedule, to make these interviews possible.

If you enjoyed those, then you might also be interested in a couple of other video interviews (recorded at QCon London 2013) that have just been published:

Finally, the reason why this blog has seen very sparse updates over most of this year is that I have been writing a book: Eclipse Plugin Development by Example: Beginner’s Guide (Amazon affiliate link). It’s due out in the shops during this month, and it’s been a real slog of work; but I’ll cover more about the book and the course of writing it in subsequent posts.