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QCon London and Swift Essentials tutorial/talk

2015 Conference Qcon Swift

At QCon London 2015 I will be presenting a tutorial entitled Introduction to Swift, which will cover the basics of the Swift programming language using hands-on excercises and examples to get attendees up to speed. Attendees of the tutorial will also receive an eBook of my Swift Essentials, published by Packt Publishing.

Update Packt publishers are running a promotion until 6 March 2015 for 25% off all print books; use PRINT25 at checkout from the Packt website.

I am also giving a presentation on Swift - under the hood, in which I’ll give a brief history of the programming language, how it interoperates with Objective-C, and how LLVM is used under the covers to compile and optimise Swift code. Those with an interest in programming language evolution or are wondering how Swift differs from other compiled object oriented languages will get a better understanding of how it all fits together. I’ll have a free printed copy of my Swift Essentials book to give away as well.

In addition, a competition to win a free eBook of Swift Essentials can be entered by (natively) retweeting this tweet from @alblue. Winners will be announced at QCon London.

Finally, if you are interested in attending QCon London (which has always been a sell-out in the past) there is a £100 discount by registering using the code SPEAKBLEW100. More information on the pricing is available at the QCon London registration page. Note that the discount applies for the conference or conference combined with one or two tutorial days only.

Look forward to seeing you there!