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EclipseCon 2016 Day 3

2016 Eclipsecon Conference Eclipse

Wow, what a day yesterday was. First we had the release of Eclipse Che, and then the announcement that Microsoft was joining the Eclipse foundation as a Solutions Member. The keynote was recorded by InfoQ, and has been video edited and published with priority by the InfoQ team – thanks all.

Today’s presentations were kicked off by the succeeding in the open keynote talking about the contributions to their GitHub repository. Not all organisations cope with the move to contributing in the open but it certainly seems to have worked in this case.

There’s more Java 9 goodness with Java 9 support in Eclipse and Java 9’s other pieces – worth looking at if you’re still interested in what’s changing in the wild word of Java.

The IoT summit continued with Cloud Scale IoT, HawkBit – updating the Internet of things, Apache Spark for IoT, Edje Project for IoT, Microsoft’s Internet of Unexpected Things (that looked good!), simulating IoT components and finally IoT lightening talks. Lots of good stuff there if you’re interested in the Internet of Things.

From the IDE world, there were 50 shades of IDEs (a trip down memory lane), a further overview of the Eclipse Che Java IDE, the Good Bad and Ugly of Eclipse 4, and finally getting webby with Eclipse Orion.

The Science at Eclipse track is also looking interesting – there’s a keynote tomorrow – with graphics simulation and modelling. The Adventures in 3D with Eclipse ICE and JavaFX looks good, and hopefully could show how things might work for Eclipse in the future. Then there’s how to do simulation from zero to lots of cores in 10 minutes (don’t know what they’re going to talk about for the other 35 minutes then?) and multi-mission operations and planning.

Other things I’d be interested in if I were there – there’s some good Git stuff in Git Large File Storage and EGerrit for Eclipse as well as a bunch of interesting updates to Xtext 2.9. And finally there’s improved Java indexing thanks to the contributions from the CDT team, who have been working on and improving the indexer for CDT for years.

All in, there’s a lot of things happening in Eclipse at the moment, and in comparison to previous EclipseCons of years gone by, there’s much more varied content. In particular, the focus has shifted away from IDEs and onto a variety of different topics and tracks; from modelling to cloud to IoT to Science.