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EclipseCon 2016 Day 4

2016 Eclipsecon Conference Eclipse

All good things must come to an end, and EclipseCon is due to close later today. I hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as I have and that you’ll get a lot out of the day’s talks.

The day kicks off with inspiring a new generation of female computer programmers (a one-day-off error from International Women’s day, but close enough).

There’s some cool presentations in the 10 Java idioms stomped with Xtend and Fine-grained UI extensions in Eclipse by Jay Billings (I interviewed Jay Jay last year about the Science working group). Also, Programming Java by Voice? Sounds great. Have to update WYSIWYG to DWIS.

I’m also excited to hear about the improved JavaScript tooling. There’s not been a lot of love in the JavaScript world in Eclipse over the past few years, but that’s starting to change with Red Hat and Angelo Zerr’s Angular JS plug-in. Hopefully Eclipse can make up some ground on other IDEs that have had better JavaScript support for a while.

Of course cloud continues to be popular, so the Extending Eclipse Che is likely to be popular, as will the cloud foundry tools. I’m also curious if Broadway - Eclipse on the browser will take off in a way that perhaps the RAP project didn’t win mindshare.

All in, this is a great EclipseCon and one I’m sad that I missed. Given that the next five years of QCon London dates have been booked (next one is 6-8 March, 2017) I’d be grateful if the organisers of next year’s EclipseCon could avoid those dates. If so, I hope I’ll see you at a future one :)