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EclipseCon and JavaOne presentations

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It’s a busy season on the conference circuit, it seems. I’ve been giving a few presentations at the Docklands.LJC recently, and I’ve also been accepted as a speaker at JavaOne in September and EclipseCon Europe in October.

The presentations from the Docklands.LJC have been recorded, and the videos are slowly making their way over to InfoQ. Generally the InfoQ versions are more professional, as they have synchronized slides to go along with the video recording, but they’re also available as early rushes over on the Docklands.LJC site itself.

If you’ve missed them, here’s what I’ve been talking about:

The presentations are also available on my SpeakerDeck pages if you find that’s an easier way to look through them. Plus, they might show up better if you’re on a mobile device. When the presentation decks for the other conference sessions are avaialble, they’ll appear here as well.

My upcoming talks include:

JavaOne – September

HotSpot Under the Hood – an introduction to how the HotSpot runtime optimised Java calls, how the interpreter and JIT compiler work together to make your programs run faster, and how to interpret what code is generated when an application runs. This is known as CON3808 on the JavaOne 2016 Session Catalog, but there doesn’t appear to be an easy way to link to it. From the abstract:

Have you ever wondered how the JVM works under the covers? How the JVM is able to JIT-optimize the bytecode classes and what the generated output looks like? This session shows how a compiled Java class is loaded in memory, when the JIT optimizations occur, and what the generated assembly looks like for hot code in the JVM. The presentation also looks at current object layouts, how the memory settings affect how objects are stored, and what effects this can have for high-performance Java code.

You can register for the conference now and save yourself some money before the price goes up.

EclipseCon Europe – October

Optimising Eclipse Plug-ins – a look at common patterns and anti-patterns when writing plug-in code, and the tools and resources that are at your disposal as an Eclipse plug-in author in finding out how to identify and fix these issues. It’s currently scheduled for Thursday at 11 but this may change nearer thetime; so watch out for it on the schedule. From the abstract:

In this presentation, Alex will talk about optimising Java code in the context of Eclipse plug-ins, and demonstrate some of the tools that come with every JVM that can be used to inspect the state of a Java process. He will also present some Eclipse specific tools such as MAT and the show how some common patterns (and anti-patterns) can be found in existing plug-in code, and how they can be improved. By the end of this talk, the attendees should have a good idea of what tools are at their disposal and be able to apply that knowledge to reduce the memory footprint or perceived run-time by end users.

You can register for the conference now and save yourself some money before the price goes up.