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AlBlue reaches a centenary (of blog posts, that is)

Atom 2006

So, according to, I've reached 100 posts on since I started in April 2004. Since that time, I've blogged about a number of items from Java to XML and more recently Eclipse, as well as other random ramblings such as HowTos, reviews or rants.

Of course, I've been racking up a number of other posts on EclipseZone, and relatively recently surpassed the 1000 post marker; but most of those are short, simple answers as opposed to the blogs which are (a bit more) organised thoughts. But 100 posts in 2 years averages to 50 posts/year, or roughly 1 post per week for two years. Of course, a whole bunch of those were in the last few weeks when I was at EclipseCon, which helped push the number of posts up somewhat; approximately 20% of those posts were during the EclipseCon week :-)

I've also gone through a few changes on the blog. I made a determined effort to make the blog pages XHTML compliant, and they would be CSS compliant too if it weren't for some entries that Blogger adds that I have no control over. Given that blogger used to add a number of <br> tags at the end of each newline (which really mucked around with tables), I had a fun weekend going back over my past posts upgrading them to XHTML. I've also been tagging my entries with [Java] or [Eclipse], since Blogger doesn't have the concept of post categories, and then implemented my own Atom-feed scraper to generate the multiple feeds for this site. I also decided early on to supply a year's worth of back-entries to my blog so that if you have a suitable reader, you can search through the entries in the past as well as the present. Of course, all of them are archived on if you want to step through the archives by month; alternatively, you could

Anyway, thanks for the interest in my blog and feel free to make any comments, either on the blog itself or by gmail (alex dot blewitt)