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Eclipse 3.2M6 is out!

2006 Eclipse

And no, it's not an April Fool. The list of New and Noteworthy includes items such as:

  • Callisto update site built-in (at least, for the platform; not for the SDK though)
  • API-aware refactorings (leave deprecated stubs in place for renamed methods)
  • Improvements to CleanUp wizard
  • Category support (Java 6 feature)
  • Java code formatter can run in standalone mode
  • Plugins can now contribute to other plugin's extension points
  • SWT tree and table now supports custom cell renders to allow multi-line text and images (yes, we know that Swing had that for ages ...
  • Cheat sheets can have commands and links added
  • HTML help documents can be migrated to XHTML
  • RSS feed in the Welcome page for network-connected hosts
  • High contrast mode for people with visual impairments (or impossibly high resolutions :-)
  • Proxy support for CVS connections
  • And of course, you can now open manifest files from the project, even if it's not in the new-and-noteworthy ;-)

Of course, there's also a bunch of stuff from previous 3.2 milestones if you've not seen it already:

Get it whilst it's hot. Doesn't seem to have shown up on too many mirrors yet; my guess is that they'll be replicating like crazy over the next 24-48h.