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Nominated for Eclipse Ambassador

Eclipsecon Eclipse 2007

I've been nominated for Eclipse Ambassador with voting due to start in the immediate future and run until Feb 15th. The voting will almost certainly take place either in Eclipse's Bugzilla or on the website; I'll post a link here with the details when it becomes known.

However, like I noted in my comment before I was nominated, Chris Aniszczyk (aka ZX) should really win it this year. Whereas I'm opinionated, he's an activist who actually goes out and gets the job done. You only have to look at the number of bug reports (and fixes) that he's got in Bugzilla, or the articles and presentations on to see that his contribution to the community has way more of an impact than I do. All I've got to show for my efforts is a couple of menu items; he's blogging (and working on) a range of technologies as diverse as eRCP, EMF and ECF (though he has also been known to work on projects that don't begin with an E).

So, if you want to vote for the winning team, vote for Chris :-) I know I will.