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The Core

2007 Review Crap Movie

I recently picked up my second copy of The Core (the first one having been stolen along with my backpack some time ago). I didn't buy it just because the film flopped, but it was at a bargain basement price and I'd been wanting to replace it, if not for sentimental reasons then for hysterical ones.

The film is really, really bad. It is the worst film in my collection, and proudly so. Quite apart from the insane plot (there's a team of five or so people; you can guess not only who is going to die but the order in which they do so), the film has such bad science that even a President of the United States or believer of "And on the Seventh Day, He kickstarted Earth with Jumpleads from His Holy SUV" would find it difficult not to laugh.

In fact, you could use this film as the basis for a drinking game. Whenever there's some bad science or bad plot twist, take a chug. It would work out as 135 minutes of binge drinking. I especially like the bit where they demonstrate global warming by taking a flame-thrower to an orange/apple to demonstrate that "it would get hot". Classic.