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Pack200 presentation at EclipseCon

Eclipsecon Conference Eclipse 2007 Pack200

I'm speaking at EclipseConGood news, everyone! My submission for a short talk on pack200 has been accepted; I don't know when it will be yet as the short talks haven't been scheduled as far as I can see. of course, the down side is that I've now got a couple of days (hah!) if I want to get presentation material on the key-ring or on the website; somehow, I don't see that happening, what with the JSig presentation coming up.

Mind you, last year I submitted a bunch of stuff to go on the keyring, and although I'd put a lot of stuff there (code, examples, presentation materials) it was only one of them that was added; fortunately, the presentation, which had URLs to download the rest. But even though it was supposed to be put up on the EclipseCon 2006 site, the link to the presentation itself was lost after a failure post-conference.

In any case, the presentation is available from the EclipseCon site if you want to have a read. Mind you, given that it's only a 10 minute presentation I hope you're not expecting much :-)