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Happy 2007 everyone!


Another day, another year ... yes, 2007 is finally upon us (and a nice Google logo to boot) with all of the festivities that it brings. Fortunately, I managed to get my Christmas letter written and e-mailed with about 4 hours to go before the new year, so that's one more task off the list to do. I even managed to sort out the garage and put up the remaining curtain pole over Christmas :-)

So, what of 2007? Well, I start the year off with about 175 blog posts, and 2144 posts on EclipseZone, which if you work out on a daily basis is an average of about 4 posts/day since I've been registered there. OK, so most of them are probably me complaining about closures, but it's still a reasonable number of messages. Granted, I am the editor now, but I was fairly active before then too ...

Now that the PhD is out of the way, I'm going to take a bit of time relaxing before throwing myself into a new project. But one thing I've been wanting to do for some time is to write a technical book about OSGi and RCP, so I intend to start that project in the next couple of months. The goal will be to write it and release the PDF for free (much like Thinking in Java) and probably find some on-line publishing service like LuLu. PoD (or Publish on Demand) is the new thing; basically, submit your manuscript, and then when someone wants to buy a copy it gets printed and mailed to you whilst it's still warm. Good for low-volume books, but if a publisher is interested nearer the time then feel free to make me a better offer. It's got to be easier than writing a thesis!

I'm also going to see if I can cut down the amount of time I spend on-line in the evenings; I don't get to do anything Eclipse-related in my current role, so all of the 4 posts/day are actually posts/night instead, which often leads to late nights or upset spouses, or some combination of the two. My blog has been somewhat quiet since taking editorship of EZ over in October; I've obviously been posting a lot to the FrontPage (feed) which is one of the reasons why my Eclipse-related posts have dried up here, but form a purely logistical point of view, it's difficult to keep up with other things. I've got a stash of blog entries that I hope to drip feed over the next couple of weeks to keep the number up.